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Trenchless Pipe Lining Dublin, CA

At Gladiator Rooter and Plumbing, we strive to ensure that our customers are aware of the most advanced and efficient sewer repair options available. We stand by trenchless pipe lining as the ideal investment, saving you time and money by avoiding excavation and time-consuming steps in favor of a quicker, better solution.

Traditionally, most sewer repair processes were devoted to digging up and exposing the length of the sewer pipe to be examined and replaced. This process was incredibly invasive, destroying property as well as requiring the workers to have to scrap any of the damaged pipes. Trenchless pipe lining, however, allows our plumbing technicians to focus on repairing your sewer lines without damaging your property or removing your pipes.

By digging only one or two access holes, we can navigate your entire sewer pipe system. This ease of access allows us to clean, inspect, and repair your sewer pipes with relative efficiency and accuracy, making trenchless pipe lining is an impressive technological advance. Pipe lining involves coating the inside of your original sewer pipes with an epoxy resin that hardens in place to form a solid and complete pipe. The new epoxy pipe adheres to your original pipes and fill in any cracks or weak corroded spots. These new pipes have a smoother surface that promotes efficient flow, protects the pipe from leaks and intrusions, and is guaranteed to continue working efficiently for 50 years.

The entire trenchless pipe lining process can be completed in one day and solves a myriad of drain and sewer problems, and we are proud to offer this innovative service for our customers.

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