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Sewer Repair Union City, CA

A sewer repair is no longer an arduous task that takes time and money. Trenchless sewer repair requires minimal digging and the process is quick and simple. You save money and the job is done right the first time.

Here’s a quick comparison of the old way to repair sewer pipes vs. the new way to do sewer repairs.


A whole crew of plumbers will show up at your house. They come with a lot of heavy and loud equipment and there are more of them than you can count. You are forced to deal with this disruption of day-to-day life because your sewer needs to be repaired.

You called and were given a rough estimate of time and cost. The repair always costs more than planned and the crew is there for a few days longer. This increases the cost even more, but you have no other choice.

The crew uses a huge excavation machine to dig into your beautiful landscape. They must get to the root of the problem to repair the sewer. After they leave you have no choice but to spend days repairing your lawn and garden.

Luckily, they stayed away from the concrete driveway. After all this you never ever want to deal with sewer repairs or plumbing ever again. Hopefully your new pipes will last a long time.


You notice your kitchen sink is leaking one day. A few days later you notice an inch of standing water in the shower. A week after that your sink hasn’t drained from the night before. You decide to look up a nearby plumbing company to repair your sewer system. You’ve lived at your house for five years and the sewer system must be at least 20 years old and needs to be fixed.

The plumbing company says they will send someone out to do the repair and that it should only take a day. You wonder if you heard incorrectly because plumbing problems always take the majority of the week and hugely disrupt daily living. Plus, how is it possible that it’s a one-man job?

After the initial inspection the sewer is accessed at the shallowest point. The pipe is flushed out with a hydro-jetter and any remaining debris is cleared out with a mechanical plumbing snake. A very small hole was used to access the sewer system. Your yard looks pristine and your garden is safe. Once the sewer line is clear a new pipe is inserted into the sewer and left to clear.

After the sewer line is given time to cure, another inspection is performed with a sewer camera to make sure that the repair was completed properly. If all is well, service can be returned to your home, and your new sewer line can be used right away. One of the biggest advantages of trenchless sewer repair is that it can often be completed in only one day. The new sewer line will last at least fifty years, leaving you to enjoy your home stress- and smell-free for a long time.

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