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Sewer Repair San Leandro, CA

Your business and property takes up all your energy, from management to administrative duties, there is not enough time in the day to complete every task that needs to get done. One of the many stresses that you should leave to the professionals is your plumbing and sewer. Gladiator Plumbing stands by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, we are the local name in pipes.

We would argue the most important pipe to keep operating normally is your sewer pipe. All of the waste and particulates flushed down any drain on the property must go through this pipe. As you can imagine, there is no other piece of plumbing hat receives the same stresses as this one. When it does back up, it can cause horrendous problems,from sewage flooding into your property, terrible smells, it can even leak underground, destroying the foundation.

Where is the Sewer Pipe Located?

For such an important piece of your plumbing system, your sewer pipe is located in a very hard to reach area. Usually, it is built below the ground and can run underneath parking lots, side yards, and maybe small structures built over top. Reaching the sewer line can be a long and arduous task, many other companies recommend a complete excavation job, tearing out the old pipe and replacing it with a new one.

This method causes extreme damage, heavy machinery is used to tear up the soil and large piles of debris are built up around the dig site. Anything directly over the pipe will be destroyed, and the amount of time and labor required for the job can be extremely expensive.

Luckily, there is a new way of fixing the sewer line, it’s smarter, faster, and every bit as efficient at making your pipes good as new. Here at Gladiator Plumbing we are proud to offer a method of repair called, Trenchless Sewer Repair.

Trenchless Sewer Repair

Instead of completely removing your old sewer pipes, we actually leave them in the ground and forego excavation all together. The process is relatively straight forward, taking very little time and creating almost no mess.

Then, we insert a membrane, soaked in epoxy, it resembles a really large deflated balloon, this one piece is pushed through the entire sewer line. Impermeable, the liner is inserted using existing access points, reducing our need to dig new holes.

Once the impermeable layer is inserted, our highly trained technicians use a special tool to inflate it and make it adhere to the old pipes, this creates a new pipe inside the space of the old one. Stronger than your old pipes and just as reliable, this trenchless style of repair offers the perfect solution, saving you time and money.

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