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Sewer Repair Oakland, CA

At Gladiator and Rooter Plumbing, we provide several commercial and residential pipe repair services. We serve Alameda and the Contra Costa Counties as well as the entire Oakland, California area. Some of our services include, but are not limited to sewer repair, drain inspection, sewer and drain cleaning, and trenchless sewer repair.

We are confident with the services we provide because we have been authorized by the local and state government. Our experts have been trained in the field and they have the experience and licenses to prove their quality.

One of the many things we are proud of at Gladiator Rooter and Plumbing is our accreditations and certifications from different organizations tasked to check on pipe repair companies like ours, to ensure they meet standards set by the government as well as these pertinent institutions. By receiving these accreditations and certifications, we can confidently prove to our customers that our years of experiences and service provisions are on par with customers’ expectations.

So customers in Oakland, California who need sewer repair services can trust our team to provide the highest quality of work. We encourage them to contact us whenever they need help with cleaning, repair, or maintenance of their sewer systems.

How Sewer Repair Works

We offer two types of sewer repair services. First is the trenchless sewer repair method that does not need deep excavations in order to successfully carry out a sewer repair project. Next is the traditional sewer repair that may require installation of new pipelines.

For the traditional sewer repair service, we may need to assess the extent of damage that the pipes have before we proceed as this may mean digging the customer’s property to take out the old pipes and then installing the new pipes. This is especially true if the old pipes are made of iron because iron cannot be broken by the trenchless method called pipe bursting.

If the pipes are not made of any hard materials and they do not require complete overhaul, the trenchless sewer repair option will be advised. This method reduces costs as well as time spent in completing the work. Through pipe bursting, a plastic pipe can be replaced without digging out the old pipes. If the repairs do not require taking out the old pipe, sewer lining can be done using an epoxy liner.

How to Determine the Type of Sewer Repair Needed

We help our customers determine what type of repair they need. The steps for both types are similar in many ways.

The first step is to conduct an initial inspection. This stage will tell us what type of material the existing pipe is made of. It will also show us the extent of the damage. To conduct the inspection, we use a CCTV camera attached to a cable and inserted into the sewer system. At the surface, we operate a monitor that shows exactly what the camera captures from underground. The customer may also look at the monitor real-time, thus, there is no need for long explanations about the issues going on in the sewers.

After the initial inspection, we collaborate with the customer according to the results and we decide what repair needs to be done.

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