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Sewer Camera Inspection Oakland, CA

If you can’t see a problem, it’s easy to ignore it. It’s just human nature, and that’s what happens with most sewer lines in homes throughout Oakland. Most of the houses are connected to the city sewer main by small pipes called laterals, which receive the wastewater from sinks, showers, toilets, and appliances and channel it away.

Since these pipes are buried underground and out of sight, it is easy to take them for granted until a problem happens, like sewage backing up into the basement or toilets overflowing. Other common issues are cracks or holes in aging laterals, which are made even worse when tree roots find them and are able to enter pipes that are full of water and nutrients. The city might be replacing their sewer lines, but ask any homeowner when they had theirs replaced or even checked out, and it will be hard to get a date.

Poorly fitted joints and collapsed pipe sections can also leak sewage into the soil. Identifying all these problems used to mean having to dig the pipes out, which was expensive and required several days to complete. It was also a process that could damage the pipes even further, and instead of a repair, you were left with having to replace them. But now there is a way to inspect the pipes from the inside, and there is usually no digging involved.

Sewer camera inspection in Oakland, California is made possible by using video cameras that are controlled remotely and have become one of the most useful tools in the pipe repair business. The camera is attached to a long flexible cable and pushed into the sewer through a drain or any accessible cleanout. It sends a video feed to an external screen where our technician can see any problems. Unless there is a severe break or clog it will reach the city main, and the entire process is recorded on a DVD.

This video inspection shows us valuable information which we use to provide a diagnostic of the situation. Tree root intrusion, lines that are deteriorated, loose joints, collapsed lines, corrosion, and obstructions are noted along with their exact location. Once we know what is wrong, we can proceed to fix it. Holes and cracks can be repaired with a lining method, and tree roots and other debris that are obstructing the water flow will be removed with a high-pressure jet and flushed away.

Say goodbye to the old-fashioned way of examining the sewer by digging it out and instead schedule a video sewer inspection; it is the best way to identify if the pipes need a simple fix or are severely damaged. Our work is 100% guaranteed and customer satisfaction is our motto. Schedule an appointment today; we have 24/7 emergency service in case you need it.

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