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Drain Cleaning San Leandro, CA

Pipes not working correctly? Are your drains not operating as smoothly as they used to? Backed up water, noisy pipes, and rotten smells point to a problem in your plumbing. Having your drains cleaned by professionals will get your pipes working like new. San Leandro is a place like no other and Gladiator Rooter and Plumbing offers a service to match.

Why Do Drains Need Cleaning

The most common drains clogs are in the bathroom and kitchen. Let’s examine the bathroom first and understand which common practices and products create drain blockages.

The simple act of brushing your teeth creates build up inside the pipes that will eventually clog the drain. Toothpaste and small food particles bind together on their way to the sewer and after many years of buildup, blockages can become disastrous. And it’s not just the toothpaste that is creating problems, it is everything else that goes down your bathroom drains.

Think of all the hair that finds its way down the drain: such a large amount of particles will become stuck on the toothpaste, creating a massive blockage over time. The lost contact lens and bit of floss only help to compound the situation, your bathroom sink is a well used drain that is waiting to become clogged.

Next up is the kitchen sink, seemingly indestructible compared to the bathroom sink, but it takes more than its fair share of abuse. Washing dishes and scraping burnt food off of plates must go somewhere, and even if you use a drain cover it is impossible to catch it all. Food particles are washing down your kitchen pipes and not all of it makes it to the sewer.

A small percentage of organic material ends up rotting, forming molds and small blockages that compound over time, collecting even more garbage as it tries to wash down the drain. Pouring a little grease down the drain acts like a magnet for food particles, pretty soon your kitchen sink is no longer draining.

Professional Cleaning By Professional Contractors

Understanding why your drains cease to operate normally is important, but that knowledge alone will not fix the the clog and start the water flowing. Using a professional drain cleaning service that can clean out your pipes and have them operating like normal is the best option for you. Over the counter remedies like chemicals or even snakes will only provide temporary solutions, if that. Relying on seasoned, trained technicians will ensure your pipes operate like new for years to come.

The most common method we use to clean pipes involves a high pressure water system that pulverizes any blocks inside your drain. This method of drain cleaning promises absolute cleansing, making your pipes flow like brand new plumbing. With the most advanced tools and experienced team, Gladiator Rooter and Plumbing will clean any drain. There is nothing too big or too small, our team has seen it all. The Gladiator Guarantee of 100% satisfaction is our business motto, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today: 1-800-997-2743.

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