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Drain Cleaning

Most homeowners don’t realize that the drains in their home should be cleaned at least once a year. This can keep the pipe system in top shape and water flushing into the sewer. If your pipes are already clogged, a proper drain cleaning can remove the blockage and keep the water flowing as it should.

Removing a partial clog is always easier and safer on the pipes, so you should take quick action as soon as you notice the water from your sinks and showers draining slowly. A drain that is completely blocked can send wastewater or sewage into your home, filling it with an awful smell and harmful bacteria.

Although it might be tempting to pour a bottle of chemical drain cleaner into the pipes, you should try to avoid it. They usually only work on minor clogs and can sometimes damage the pipes. Chemical cleaners are caustic and can burn your skin and irritate your lungs, so you need to take extra care when using them. Simply put, they cause more harm than good.

The best solution for a clogged pipe is to use a water jetting approach. As the name implies, hot water is used instead of chemicals. A hose is sent into the drains and a specialized nozzle blasts the clog with forward and reverse jets of water at ultra-high pressure. This scrubs the tube and destroys even the toughest blockage, flushing it away. Water jetting is a versatile technique and can be used to clean any size, type, or material of any drain system.

The advantage of this method is that it not only removes the obstruction but also eliminates any sludge and debris stuck on the pipe’s walls. Without cleaning all this gunk out, the pipes would eventually clog up again, so water jetting also saves you money in the long term.

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